Burton Neuropathy Testimonial


Great Chiropractic services and looking forward to their massage therapy as well. Glad that Dr. McKay now has an office on the north side of town. Very convenient, clean, warm feeling office.

Bernie W

Great massage

I have had massages all over the world. Beth knows where the mussels are tight and stress is he without telling her. Always a great relaxing session. I highly recommend.

Jim E

Put my fears to rest

This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I was nervous to say the least. I have been in pain due to an injury for 10 years. I received a massage there and it was the best I have ever gotten. Dr McKay did my adjustment after my massage. I immediately was pain free. I forgot what that felt like. I feel like a new woman, wife and mom!!! It’s amazing! My needs were met and I am very satisfied!!!!! TWO thumbs up!!

Ashley M

Feel great!

Do yourself a favor and get a massage and adjustment!…I was in pain/discomfort and well……no more!

James S

Great Facility!

I go to get adjusted weekly & feel extremely relieved after seeing Dr. McKay. He is truly a great physician & is extremely knowledgeable of his practice. In addition to that they also offer massage therapy which is a plus for me! I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy the same experience as I do!


Shawn Penn

Review of Capital Physical Medicine/Capital Massage

Capital Physical Medicine/Capital Massage provides outstanding professional services. Dr. McKay is very knowledgeable, a great listener, and an outstanding practitioner. Beth Overby is an N.C. licensed massage and body works therapist and certified medical assistant; her work is professional and outstanding. The two work separately or synergistically, depending on the patient’s needs. They are a great combination, and they provide outstanding, compassionate, effective service.


best massage in the area

massage therapist(Beth) is excellent- has a great touch to soothe muscles. Very informative and gives great info on how to alleviate muscle ache in between visits. Dr. McKay is a very good chirp doc and works in conjunction with Beth (massage therapist) to enhance his chiropractic services.


Great Care and Service

Dr. McKay is a great chiropractor. His office hours are very expansive, and he always makes an effort to work me in around my work schedule. My back spasms and pain have gone away since I started seeing him. Very professional and effective.

Jen D

Excellent Excellent Excellent

I went to Capital Physical Medicine and Massage for a massage and it was amazing. Much more than I expected. It had been years since I have been to anyone and I realized how tight every inch of my body was. I happened to talk with Dr. McKay about some issues with my hand. I decided to see him and try a chiropractor approach. AMAZING, It has been a few days and I am so much better. I look forward to continued treatment. Dr. McKay explains everything so well. I recommend this group for all.

Maureen Brown

Excellent Visit

I am a healthcare provider and visited Capital Physical Medicine yesterday. I continue to be impressed by my visit and its results. Dr. McKay explained the physiology and worked on my back. My back problem is resolved. I highly recommend Capital Physical Medicine to my patients.

Hamid Bakhteyar

Experience at Capital physical medicine

I have seen Dr McKay for several months now and wasn’t sure about the move however the new office is beautiful and clean and in a nice place. The massage therapist was GREAT. To be so little she has a lot of strength in those hands of hers. Dr McKay cares about his patients and knows them by name and what their treatment is without looking at their charts. It is truly amazing. Dr. McKay is worth the drive. exceptional service and compassion I highly recommend him to feeling better without meds



I’ve been seeing Dr.McKay for almost 2 years- he got me from constant pain and daily pain medicine to horseback riding and medicine free in no time!

Erin Obremski

Sometimes the small hidden places are the best….

Capital physical medicine and massage is one of “those” times!! I went in for a massage and CeeCee FAR exceeded my expectations!! I then spoke to Dr. McKay and scheduled an appointment for my chiropractic care! He’s a gem and very accommodating to my busy schedule. Thanks for the pleasant surprise & wonderful service!

Michelle Qeenan

Effective Treament

Dr. McKay is very knowledgable and provides quick, effective treatment in a very laid back atmosphere. He goes out of his way to accomodate his clients schedules and is straight forward about treatment and expectations. My back is getting healthier and I feel great after each visit.

Matt C

Amazing Chiropractor

Dr. McKay is phenomenal! This is a place where you will be given the best service and you feel valued! This is the place to go to for the first timer and also all others who have had chiropractic care before.

Phil M

Excellent care

I have been a patient of Dr. McKay’s for a few years, being successfully treated for migraines. Initially visits needed to be frequent as my heads were chronic/ almost constant. Now I only need more occasional visits. I’ve called/ had someone call for a walk in appt several times in acute pain (head wrapped in sunglasses/ scarves and hoodie to avoid light- kind of pain) and walked out completely pain free. I can’t promise that for everyone, but that’s my personal experience.



The professionals who work at Capital Physical Medicine/Capital Massage are very knowledgeable, caring, and helpful. They always exceed my expectations, and I highly recommend them for anyone who has chiropractic or massage needs. They are the best!

Wade P

Best Chiropractor I’ve ever seen

Dr. McKay is an excellent doc. He is very knowledgable and gets right to the point quickly. He is also very gentle. And, you are in an out of the office very quickly. He understands that everyone has things to do. I appreciate a doctor that thinks that way. He also has an excellent massage therapist on staff!!!

Lauri G

Helps my back pain.

Being a student, I carry a very heavy backpack wherever I go and it causes lots of pain in my lower back. I see Dr. McKay on a regular basis and he keeps it under control. When I have time I come in for a massage as well. Highly recommended.

College Girl

Carpal Tunnel

I am a graphic designer and have lots of trouble with pain in my wrists. Dr. McKay is very important to me in my pain management and has given me excellent exercises and put me in touch with a great pain doc. He’s the best.


Golf pain reduced

Dr. McKay has helped me by working on my chronic lower back issues. He has also given me exercises to improve my mobility, which has greatly improved my golf game. Coming in for massages whenever I can has helped a great deal as well.


Chiropractic and Massage Adjustment

Dr. McKay assessed my situation and provided me with almost instant relief from a condition that has plagued me for over a year. My range of mobility has increased significantly and my pain level reduced to almost nil. It has allowed to stop taking pain medication and the use of analgesic creams. Dr. McKay was very informative about every step of treatment. I would highly recommend him and will continue to see him in the future for my own ailments.

Melodi S

Accommodating schedule

When I first visited Dr. McKay’s office 2 1/2 years ago, I couldn’t stand up straight in the mornings. Without medication my back has improved substantially. He has a laid back demeanor and has over and over again accommodated my erratic schedule.


arguably the best

I’ve been seeing McKay for almost three years and I don’t know where I’d be without him. I started coming out of necessity, I keep coming because he’s great at what he does. McKay is honest, reliable and trustworthy. He’ll recommend a course of treatment, and then he’ll do as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. I continue to come monthly to maintain my alignment, and when I break myself, I come more often! I cannot thank him enough for all of the mobility he’s given me.

Marilu McQuilkin

Best chiropractic service I’ve had

I moved to the area a year ago & I knew it’d be awhile before finding a chiropractor that I liked (again). Doctor asked important questions & explained everything before proceeding with manipulation & treatments. I look forward to my next appointment.

Natalie Nguyen

Fantastic service!

Dr. McKay is a great chiropractor, who is interested in the entire well-being of his patients, and not simply their chiropractic care. He is flexible and accommodating with changing schedules and makes it a point to know each of his patients, which is a refreshing change in medical care. I could not recommend him more!

Allison B

Highly Recommend

I have been seeing Dr. McKay for a shoulder injury. I have found him to be knowledgeable, professional and caring. I highly recommend Capital Physical.

Latonia E

I definitely recommend

I was having lower back pain that was so severe that I could barely walk, so I called Dr. McKay’s office. He fit me in that day! He was knowledgeable and thorough. I felt so much better, and was actually able to walk out of his office with only very mild discomfort. I left knowing I would be going back for a follow up appointment in three days. I highly recommend Capital Physical Medicine and Dr. McKay.

Jay H


I’ve had lower back pain for 9 years and righ shoulder pain for the past year! I had an MRI done last year in my shoulder and I was diagnosed with bursitis! I had not been able to lift my arm up above my neck for the past year! I went to Dr McKay and he cracked my arm six times in different positions and he rose my arm U ABOVE MY HEAD! I was almost in tears since I was in disbelief and pain free in less than 45 minutes! I have recommended him to most of my coworkers since we all have body aches.

Isa F


Dr. McKay has helped me with my left hand now since the beginning of last year in 2014. He is a fantastic chiropractor and I highly recommend him with all the expertise and knowledge he has about helping people with any sort of back or joint related injury and pain. He is also very reasonably priced.

Dane Edwards

Raleigh Chiropractor of Choice

Dr. McKay is a dynamic chiropractor with a professional demeanor. Dr. McKay is using the latest technologies and techniques to help me with my left shoulder which I dislocated a few years ago. You should see my improved range of motion! Dr. McKay is excellent at explaining his manipulations so that I can understand what he is trying to accomplish. I recommend him without reservation.

James K

Helpful, listens and knows his stuff!

Dr. McKay was very helpful and sat and listened to best understand what was going on. He took the time to explain what he would be doing and how it would help. I don’t like cracking bones and the adjustment he gave me was so easy and comfortable. Excited to see the improvements as I continue to go back!

Jessica Ballard


Dr Mckay did a great job with my back pain i was very satisfied with the adjustment . I would go and continue with treatment . He is really honest and caring person.



My experience at Capital Massage was impeccable. I came in, filled out a questionnaire, and went straight into the back. My masseuse was wonderful and took time to consult me about my massage afterwards. I will definitely be using them frequently.

Destyne’i Tiller

Highly Recommended!

Jennifer was amazing! She tailored my massage just to me and my problem areas and made me feel comfortable the whole time. She gave several stretching techniques and consulted me afterwards. One the best massages I’ve ever had and highly recommend her!


Amazing, absolutely amazing

I’ve been going to Dr.McKay for about a year now and it’s changed my life. Before treatment I was in constant neck, back, and hip pain. I now know what it’s like to feel good without taking NASAID’s or prescriptions. My posture is so much better and he helps with my TMJD. The massage services aregreat too, Jennifer in particular, yet all the massage therapists are extremely knowledgable as well. Dr.McKay’s methods are superb and I trust him implicitly.

Barb Szymanski

Massage – Amazing.

I had a great experience. It was very interpersonal and was very detail oriented to what I needed specifically to my lifestyle. Would suggest going here and will continue to re-visit.


Massage with Ityla

I had 2 massage sessions with Ityla and I got great relief of my severe pain on both shoulders. She was able to use trigger points to relieve the knobs I had on my neck and shoulder area. Ityla is very experienced and knows exactly what to do. I am so thankful to find her and would recommend anyone with severe pain to come to see her.


Best massage EVER!

Incredible 90 minute deep tissue massage. Alleviated pains in my lower back. Can’t wait for my next session!

Richard Crank