Pain relief

Chiropractic methods of pain relief are one of the top-ranking alternatives to traditional medications and surgeries. Combined with physical therapy and massage, chiropractic approach to patient’s health leads to improved quality of life. Routine chiropractic care promotes proper physical function of the body, increases stamina, corrects posture discrepancies and enhances coordination and joint mobility. Additionally,regular treatments improve nerve communication between brain and body.

Neck and Back pain

Several conditions can be successfully treated with chiropractic techniques of manipulation. Most commonly, patients suffer from neck and back pain coupled with severe headaches. Specifically designed chiropractic adjustments bring rapid relief and restore the patient’s ability to function as usual.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries, including spine, knee and shoulder trauma, are in many cases treated with joint manipulation if appropriate. The Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) will determine what type of therapy will benefit the patient the most and lead to quick recovery. Numerous patients benefit from integrated type of therapy consisting of drug-free healing remedies such as compression techniques and applications of ice and heat along with chiropractic strategies for rehabilitation.


Sciatica is another common condition often successfully treated by DC. As sciatica is a symptom and not a stand-alone medical disorder, the methods of therapy will vary depending on the origins of the cause. In most cases, the chiropractor will implement spinal adjustments, rehabilitative exercises, ultrasound and ice and heat applications. The patient is also educated about the importance of regular fitness regimen, maintenance of proper posture and using correct body mechanics when lifting objects.

Pelvic pain

Many female patients suffer from pelvic pain. The condition affects women more often than men due to the urological disorders often related to pregnancy. Chiropractic distractive decompression is the type of treatment used to ease the pain and bring relief without the use of drugs. Early intervention prevents the condition from becoming chronic and disabling.


Victims of car accidents are frequently affected with a whiplash due to the sudden trauma during the collision. The preferred method of treatment requires spinal manipulation and gentle movements of the head in the direction it is restricted. Muscle relaxation and stimulation techniques are also applied.


In more complex cases of pain, such as neuropathy, the chiropractic therapy becomes a part of the multidisciplinary approach in efforts to restore the patient’s well being. The treatment plan is designed in a collaborative manner with other treating professionals to ensure positive outcome.

The field of chiropractics and its organic tactics are widely recognized and respected within the medical industry. It is often the patient’s first choice of treatment as it does not involve the use of medications, steroids or surgeries. As the therapy sessions are repeated regularly, the patients are able to restore their health and maintain it properly with the help of a highly skilled chiropractic professional.

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